Book review – Migloo’s Day

Migloo’s day is a search and find story book by William Bee. Migloo is a wonderfully cheerful looking dog who is ready for adventure and eating sausages.

The illustrations of this book are colourful and stand out well. I read this with my son who is a little young for the book but still got enjoyment from the short stories written in between the search and find pages of migloo’s adventure. We also really enjoyed the introduction of the characters at the start of the book and my son really focused on their names and what the characters do for a living.

For the search and find pages I found them to be really good and in some instances quite tricky to find the items. This book definitely challenges you in a fun way and is a great book for the little ones at several stages of their development. I can see my son using this book more and more as he begins to understand the search pages. For now he is more than happy to pick out the different animals he recognises and spent quite some time pointing out cars, posters, fruits and faces that he saw from the introduction.

I would say that you don’t need to wait until your little one is old enough to understand as there is so much going on in this book that young children will also get a lot of fun from it. And if you and your other half fancy a competition you can always challenge each other to see who can find the items first. I did and I lost!

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