Lostmy.name – book review

For ages I kept seeing friends on my FaceBook feed who had liked this page called lostmy.name.  Eventually I was curious enough to click the link and see what all the fuss was about. When I went through to the site I was greeted with several options to create personalised books for my children.  I started entering my little ones names into the site.  In under a minute it created a book for me to review online and gave me the option of changing the characters if I so wished.  The ordering process was very easy and fast so I decided to purchase the new delux version as my children’s Great Granny had given me some money to buy them something special and what better way to do that then to buy a beautiful book you can always cherish and enjoy.

I bought one for my son and one for my daugher.  When I received them in the post I was instantly pleased with the packaging and the fun instruction manual enclosed.

Each page is covered in beautiful illustrations and some great fun cheeky wording to go with each letter of the child’s name.  The character has to try and find the letter to their name and on their travels they come across many wonderful creatures to help them on their quest.

You have the option for the character to be male or female and as I mentioned before I got one of each.  What I was impressed with was that the book for girls doesn’t go all super girly and mushy and is equally funny and cheeky.

My two are still a little young to understand that their names appear in the book but the pictures certainly capture my 2 year old’s attention and I can’t wait to see their face’s as another layer of magic is revelaed to them when they do realise their names are in there somewhere.

What more can I say these books are beautiful and funny in equal measure. They are great as a keep sake but even better as a bedtime story when the lines of the real world and magical characters begin to blur.

Want to see what I mean?… Lostmy.name